Mobile Application Security & Penetration Training

Course Module

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Start from iOS and Android architectures basics, Exposes Android and iOS vulnerabilities in-depth, Covers mobile OSs security mechanisms and implementations, Covers Mobile applications reverse engineering, In depth mobile applications static and dynamic analysis ,Practice on real world mobile applications, Build your own home lab on mobile application security, Provides you the skills necessary to peform Penetration tests of mobile applications, Covers: APKTool, Dex2Jar, GDB Debugger, Cycript and many others, After obtaining the eMAPT certification qualifies you for 40 CPE.


If you had your graduation in arts, commerce or any other stream other than science you will need to start with Certified Network Professional which follows the CCNA global course module to be eligible for this course and complete it with Certified Network Penetration Tester course which is a high-end specialization course. After completion of all the courses, you can apply for network penetration tester jobs.

If you had completed your graduation in science (Btech in CSE / IT / EC or BCA ) you will need to start with Certified Python Programmer to have a good base of programming and where you can develop hacking tools using it. After completion of python programming certification, you will be eligible for this ethical hacking course and then complete it with Certified web application penetration testing which focuses on actually exploiting vulnerabilities in web-based applications which is in huge demand all around the globe.

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